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Cassie stared at the diapers for just a moment, then shook her head and laughed inwardly. That was certainly one way to waste her money. She wondered just why they had caught her eye when everything else in the shop must have looked more interesting. But somehow, as she continued to stare, it was as if that package was the most interesting thing she'd ever seen.

She forced herself to walk away and study another shelf. An ancient coin, rubber gloves, a packet of Christmas cards...

Don't look at them, she told herself, before looking over her shoulder at the package. They're just diapers! She imagined phoning Mark and Beth later.

"A thrift store? That's an interesting way to spend your afternoon. What'd you get?"

"Oh, you know, just a package of diapers..."

"Pretty sure that there's no way to say it without sounding stupid," she mumbled. A mother with two small children frowned at her, as if talking to oneself was illegal.

And yet...

...Why not?

Cassie took a deep breath, and grabbed the package. It crinkled as she wrapped her hand around the folded diapers, and she almost ran to the till to buy it before someone noticed. A blonde, handsome young man was helping an elderly customer finish putting their items in a plastic bag, and for a moment she forgot what she was holding. He's kind of cute, she thought. The man turned to her.

"Can I help you?" he asked, and smiled. Cassie's stomach fluttered, but she stepped forward.

"Hi, I'd like to buy... this..." she said, tailing off as she remembered what she was holding. Oh god. He's going to laugh at me isn't he.

The man's gaze lowered to the diapers, but his smile didn't fade or change. "Okay then," he said simply, and that was that. She handed over a few coins (so cheap!), and ran outside.

As she drove back home, Cassie felt a sense of shame descending on her. Had she really just bought adult diapers? She hadn't wet the bed since she was 13, and that was just a one time accident! She didn't need them! Her imagined conversation between her friends faded back into her mind, and she had an urge to toss her new purchase out of the window.

But as she glanced over at the diapers beside her, sitting patiently in the passenger seat, she fought back the urge to laugh. So what? She might find a use for them. Somehow.

She pulled up beside her parent's house, and walked inside. It didn't sound like there was anyone home, and that suited Cassie just fine. She walked into the lounge, where there was a large mirror hanging on one wall. This would be perfect. To stop neighbours from seeing what she was doing, she closed the curtains, and then proceeded to lower her jeans.

Once she had done that and removed her underwear, she reached out for the package slowly, tentatively, as if it were a wild animal that might bite. She pulled a diaper out, and ran her fingers over it. So soft! Then a thought occurred to her, and she sniffed it. No unpleasant odors. Good. She might think herself crazy for even putting on a diaper, but here she was doing it. There was no way she was going to put on a dirty one.

She unfolded it and slowly, very slowly, began to fix it onto herself. It felt so snug up against her skin, and although at the back of her mind she felt very stupid for doing this, she couldn't help but feel exhilaration. She felt like a child doing something naughty and not being caught, and she grinned impishly.

There. Tapes were fastened. She studied herself in the mirror. The sight of her standing half clothed with a diaper quite visible underneath made her want to laugh. This could be a lot of fun! And it was so comfortable too! Her smile faded as she began to study her appearance further. At 4'11", Cassie was very sensitive about her height, and this was the first thought that ran through her mind when it came to her appearance and what she'd like to change if possible.

"I've always been too short," she said out loud. There was nobody around to hear her, anyway. "Wish I was bigger."

A tingle ran down her spine, but she shook it off. She mentally scolded herself. This would do no good for her self esteem. She grabbed her jeans and pulled them back on, but she frowned as she realised they felt a bit tight on her. "Funny, they fit me fine a moment ago. Hope I don't need to think about a diet." She forgot all about her tighter jeans, and grabbed her phone, wondering what Mark and Beth were up to.
1: [link]
2 ---
3: [link]

Here's part 2 of the Diapered Giantess Duet, a collaborative project between yours truly and Restless-Lurking-C, whose profile can be found here -[ [link] ]

I am not the most diligent submitter of content when it comes to deviantArt, so it may come as a surprise to some people when I say that I like giantess. Big time. (No pun intended.) It's difficult to explain to someone who doesn't understand, but the thought of a woman who is several times larger than her surroundings (or several times smaller, but that's another thing entirely!) gives me a thrill.

Those of you who know of my content on my profile so far will know that I also like diapers. I am a diaper lover. (Similar to an adult baby, but it's just purely the diapers that I like, not the other baby stuff.) Again, to someone who doesn't understand, it's pretty difficult to explain. Again, the thought of a woman wearing a diaper is a pleasant thought to me. Why? Hell if I know.

So naturally I like to combine these two ideas together.

Restless-Lurking-C is someone I've known on deviantArt for quite some time now, and we've both offered each other compliments and constructive criticism in our submissions. We've collaborated before, although somewhat more loosely. There was the Diaper Shop Game very recently, which was a lot of fun to take part in (although the fact that so many different people were working on it meant that establishing a continuity and a cohesive plot was very difficult), and before that there was the Diaper Story Game.

RLC noticed that our styles compliment each other quite well (a detail which has not been lost by yours truly), and so after the Diaper Shop Game came to its end, RLC offered a collaborative project: We'll take it in turns to create content for a story! And of course, RLC being very familiar with my interests, mentioned that to give it that extra bit of a twist to make it stand out, it'll feature a giantess - and of course, diapers.

So here's part 2! I write purely because my artwork is absolutely appalling (if you look at my profile and see the artwork I've done, I'm sure you'll agree). I had a lot of fun writing this, and I am really looking forward to where this project might head to.

That's it from me; it's RLC's turn! If you've been good enough to read my description all the way to the end, congratulations! So that I know you've read it, if you care to leave a comment, please let me know what your least favourite food is.

Thanks for reading!
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inu13sama Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016
Where are the parts 1 and 3?
billlly Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012
So you realized the fault in the last comic and still went with the writing having the best parts so far?
I'm not going to hound you on every page, but I thought the comic strips would be with some good content.
SalemSage Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
So what would you rather? I did what was necessary for the story as a whole. If I left it off before she puts on the diaper, then I wouldn't have reached the part where she begins to grow, and with RLC having introduced 2 of the 3 main elements of this story, I felt obliged to introduce the 3rd and final element.

Don't worry, I'll let RLC handle the more graphic parts in future scenes. A big feature of this collaboration is that we're not planning ahead, so when I post a chapter, I have no idea what RLC will do next. Vice versa with him. So he doesn't control what I write, and I don't control what he draws. It just works out better that way.

You ARE also aware that the 3rd part by RLC is out too, right? Go check it out. It's pretty good. Might possibly interest you, I don't know.
Restless-Lurking-C Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good job on continuing to pull this story along without any of the boring 'pre-fun part' elements!

I shall now begin work on 3.

And the most intensely I've ever hated a dish was a Reuben sandwich I ordered, mistaking the sauerkraut for cheese in the picture. However, it was a restaurant in which I disliked EVERY dish I ever ordered from them. So I'll end up trying another one someday.
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